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July 18, 2022

Commission appoints members of Research Council

July 18, 2022 (Ottawa) – The Research Council will assist the Commission in fulfilling its mandate to conduct a policy review of the legislative and regulatory framework surrounding the Emergencies Act and provide input to inform the Commission’s process for making recommendations on modernization of the Act and on other areas for further study or review.

Made up of academic experts from across Canada, the Research Council will help to coordinate the Commission’s research program by advising on areas of study, commissioning research papers, and helping to convene policy roundtables.

The Council is chaired by Geneviève Cartier, a full professor at the Faculty of Law at the Université de Sherbrooke who teaches and researches in the fields of administrative law and legal theory.

Further information about Prof. Cartier and the other members of the Research Council are available under the About tab on the Commission’s website.