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On April 25, 2022, the Government of Canada established the Public Order Emergency Commission to inquire into the circumstances that led to the declaration of emergency that was in place from February 14-23, 2022, and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency. Justice Paul Rouleau was appointed Commissioner.

The Order in Council 2022-0392 requires that the report of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency be laid before each House of Parliament by February 20, 2023.

On February 17, 2023, Commissioner Rouleau released the Report of the Public Inquiry into the 2022 Public Order Emergency.

Webcast of Commissioner's Public Statement

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The Commission

Meet the Commissioner, the Honourable Paul Rouleau, and the team of professionals supporting the work of the Commission.

Commission Mandate

The Terms of Reference entrust the Commission with a broad and far-reaching mandate, which includes both an investigative component and a policy component.


A variety of documents will be made available to the general public and media throughout the inquiry, including decisions, policy papers, overview and institutional reports as well as exhibits.