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The Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) will begin the policy phase of its work on Monday, November 28.

The policy phase will consist of a series of round-table discussions to assist the Commissioner with the development of recommendations related to all aspects of the Commission’s mandate, including the use of the Emergencies Act, any necessary modernization to the Act, as well as recommendations on areas for further study or review to fulfil this aspect of the Commission’s mandate. Consult the list of themes to be discussed by panel experts as well as details about the schedule, moderators, council and participants for these discussions.

Commissioned Papers

Donation-based Crowdfunding: Legal Framework for Crowdfunding and Governance of Online Platforms (pdf, 626 KB)

Michelle Cumyn

Cryptocurrency: Challenges to Conventional Governance of Financial Transactions (pdf, 724 KB)

Ryan Clements

Freedom of Expression (pdf, 405 KB)

Richard Moon

Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Section 2(c) of the Charter (pdf, 833 KB)

Jamie Cameron

Governing Emergencies in an Interjurisdictional Context (pdf, 601 KB)

Jocelyn Stacey

The Reasonable Grounds to Believe Standard in Canadian Criminal Law (pdf, 478 KB)

Anne-Marie Boisvert

The vulnerability of Canada and Ontario to international supply chain disruptions in light of the events of February 2022 (pdf, 567 KB)

François Delorme & Florence Ouellet

Mis- Dis- and Mal-Information and the Convoy: An Examination of the Role and Responsibilities of Social Media (pdf, 787 KB)

Emily B. Laidlaw

On Necessity Under the Emergencies Act (pdf, 384 KB)

Nomi Claire Lazar

Police Powers & Public Order Disturbances (pdf, 513 KB)

Steven Penney & Colton Fehr

Social Cleavages Series: Alberta Separatism and the Freedom Convoy: A New Brand of Western Alienation (pdf, 431 KB)

Jared J. Wesley

Social Cleavages Series: Shifting Cleavages in Canada (pdf, 243 KB)

Nomi Claire Lazar

Social Cleavages Series: Understanding the Freedom Movement: Causes, Consequences, and Potential Responses (pdf, 364 KB)

Frank Graves

Social Cleavages Series: The Trucker Convoys (2019-2022) (pdf, 328 KB)

Frédéric Boily

The Developing Role of Private Security in Public Order Policing (pdf, 538 KB)

George S. Rigakos

The Policing of Large-Scale Protests in Canada: Why Canada Needs a Public Order Police Act (pdf, 2 MB)

Robert Diab

The Role of Intelligence in Public Order Emergencies (pdf, 1 MB)

Wesley Wark

Party Papers

Four Proposals for Legislative Amendments to the Emergencies Act (pdf, 323 KB)

Ryan Alford

The Effects of Suspension of Insurance Coverage under the Emergencies Act - IBC (pdf, 913 KB)

Mario Fiorino & Varshni Skantharajah